Wednesday, 1 June 2016


What is a 'Meme'? 
A "meme" is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. A meme behaves like a flu or a cold virus, traveling from person to person quickly, but transmitting an idea. 
Historically, a meme is a discrete "package of culture" that would travel via word of mouth, usually as a fascinating story, a fable/parable, a joke, or an expression of speech. Today, memes travel much faster than simple speech. As internet email forwards, instant messages, and web page links, memes now travel instantly via the Internet.

We are going to transform PROVERBS or a SAYINGS into Digital ones.


The process could be as follows:
  1. Choose saying. 
  2. Adapt it to the new forms of communication. 
  3. Choose a free image rights. In this way you can get them from:
  4. Make the meme. You can use:
  1. Share it on the padlet at the bottom. You will find there some examples. Do not forget your name and course.
  2. Share it on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with the hashtags: #RedConsejos and #SaramagoConsejos.
  3. Share it on your blog.

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