Monday, 2 May 2016

Digital Identity. What about you?

What do others see about you on the Internet?
To be sure that you are viewing your public profile, log out of your social networks before (Facebook, for example), or go to a new browser, and you will see exactly the same as a stranger will in them.

Write exactly your full name. Use the quotes. I mean, write into the Google search box "Federico Garcia Lorca" and "García Lorca, Federico". You will see how you find results about you, or at least, about people with the same name.

What does Google know about me?
Now, logged in your Google account, write "¿Qué sabe Google sobre mí?

Go to the link highlighted and check the results from the 6 links you are provided. Surprised?

Let's control what Google shows about us
Go to Check and edit. Protect your personal information!

How to stop Microsoft spying on us?

Cómo evitar que Windows 10 te espíe por computerhoy


Así utilizan tus datos Facebook, Google, Apple y Microsoft. News

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