Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Your PLE

PLE - A Personal Learning Enviroment... is not only for teachers!!! 

You are going to save and share your bookmarks in a fun and visual way. You will learn about Symbaloo so that you can organize and retrieve your bookmarks in one or more visual "webmixes". The webmixes can be retrieved on any computer or device by either logging in to Symbaloo or sharing the url to the webmix. 
More information

We are going to use:
Symbaloo tutorial

Webmix: A webmix is a collection of different web resources. In Symbaloo graphic tiles are used to represent bookmarks to the different web sites. 

Here you have some videos to introduce you to Symbaloo, webmixes, tiles and wallpapers:

Here you will find some examples of students PLE.

  • Let's begin creating your Personal Webmix on Symbaloo.
  • Then, create your High school webmix. Include the high school website, folders for your subjects and a big area for IT classroom.
You will have to share your webmixes (public) and get the links. Include them in a post on your blog.

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