Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What is a blog? Padlet for your answers

Here you have the wall in Padlet to answer the open questions of the last video on Educanon:


  1. 1.What two words go together to make the word blog?
    -The two words are web and log.
    2.What is a blog's theme? What can you control within the theme?
    -The blog theme is what controls how your blog looks.You can personalize it with colors, background, images; that fits you personality and makes visitors to found what they're looking for.
    4.Whats is the main thing in a "header"?
    -The header is where you put the title and logo of you blog.
    6.Why is the body the most important part of your blog?
    -Because here your visitor will find the main content of your blog.Here is were your thoughts and ideas come to life ; usually is the primer reason why the people come to your blog. You share them with a post (where you publish your thoughts,usually it is on the main page of your blog) or in a page (just a blank of contents).

  2. 1. What two words go together to make the word "blog"?
    Web and blog
    2. What is a blog's theme? What can you control within a theme?
    Is what controls the shape and the look of your blog
    You can control the background and in wich way you blog will look like
    3. Which of these is a part of a blog's theme - one of the parts in a blog's typical layout?
    The header, the footer, the sidebar and the body.
    4. What is the main thing in a Header?
    The main thing is the tittle of the blog with a image, logo or text
    5. What things can you put in a Sidebar?
    Things you want to highlight, links to blog posts you have written, photos, favourite
    links and a list of tags that works kind of like an index for your blog
    6. Why is the Body the most important part of your blog?
    Because is where the authors write upload things, and the reason why the readers are there
    7. How will your blog organize your posts?
    With the newest one at the top.
    8. Which of these is an example of a GOOD comment to write on a blog?
    That is an awesome introduction to your essay! It really made me want to read more!
    9. Why do people blog?
    For fun,to publish their writing, to share new ideas, as part of schoolwork, because it's
    useful in their job/career, to make connections with people who might like to share ideas.